Part 3: (In)spiration


I was recently watching a television show that showed a country so beautiful that I was inspired to go there. I’d never really thought about travelling to this country before, but the joy expressed from the travellers on the show awakened something inside of me. It made me think outside of my everyday. I was able to see that, indeed, there is a whole world out there for me to explore. Inspiration does that. It gives you the feeling that if it’s been done before, you can do it too. It’s one of the driving forces behind being organized and eventually transforming your life.

What inspires you to be organized? Is it a particular person you know who seems to always have everything together? Is it flipping through a Good Housekeeping magazine to see the latest ideas on “THE BEST WAY TO ORGANIZE YOUR PANTRY EVER?” Or is it strolling down the aisles of IKEA or Target to see the new types of storage containers that just arrived? Ok, so maybe those last two are mine, but the point is, inspiration is more than just motivation. It’s an integral part of your success.

Find the inspiration today and finally tackle the things that are holding you back. Start by clearing off your desk or finding shortcuts to simplify your mornings. Use articles, quotes, pictures as well as your own ideas for what you want your new organized lifestyle and space to resemble. Post them in places you will see them so that you use them as daily motivation. Over time you’ll have crafted a personalized and intentional collage of supportive and encouraging reminders that will walk with you on your journey.  

Motivational speaker Jim Cathcart said “The person you see is the person you will be. “ If you see yourself as an organized, balanced person then your lifestyle and environment will begin to reflect that. Use the intrinsic feeling of inspiration to help you reach your goals. Remember this simple equation – Inspiration + a Plan + Action = Results. Today is YOUR day to begin organizing from the inside out.


3 thoughts on “Part 3: (In)spiration”

  1. Great post! My inspiration to be organized is the ability to take back those unreplacable hours that are essentially “lost” due to chaos. In gaining those hours back, I can focus on those things that truly matter to me: family, friends and writing. When I see myself having more time for these things, I am inspired to continue down that path of leading an organized life. Although I can see an organized room or house and feel inspired to want to physically organize something in my home, I have learned that the initial organizational task alone is not enough to buy back my time. It’s the system that you develop to maintain that order that gives you more time in a day. If I had to pick something that would serve as a motivational factor to me it would be hearing the stories of people around me living their lives and not simply getting through the day. I think your posts will serve as a huge inspiration to anyone who reads them, I know it did for me!


  2. Thanks for the (In)spiration today. I get it! I like your formula: Inspiration + a Plan + Action = Results. I do what you recommend: post notes with quotes and goals on my vision board. When I attain a goal, I move it across the board to my DONE! area. Like your blog! More….


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