The time between

Since entering the working world I’ve been a firm believer in breaks and lunches. Initially, this was an adolescent declaration of the self-proclaimed limits between me and the company that I reported to for 8 hours a day. Looking back, I realize that I was onto something that would eventually solidify my understanding that having balance between what life requires of me and what I need to feed my soul is an absolute necessity.

Everyone needs “me” time and claiming it is essential to your well-being. To be at your best for others, you must commit to being your best self. Since time waits for no one, let’s get started with a few quick tips:

For the office: Maximize your breaks and lunch hour. Taking advantage of this time can cross off many” to-do’s” in a short amount of time. Here are 6 things to do on your lunch break to get you started.

For all parents: Being a parent is one of the greatest things you will do, but boy can it be time consuming. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or are in the workforce, finding time for you helps you to be the best parent you can be. Check out 10 ways to carve out ME time because you deserve it.

For everyone: Use your breaks and lunches to reconnect with yourself. Take five to read 15 ways to maximize your lunch hour in a different way than you may be used to.

Using creative ways to stretch out your precious time can be challenging, but when made a priority, can be the best use of your time after all.

We’re curious… what’s your secret to productive breaks and lunches? Share with us.

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