The hOMe factor

Ahh-oohhhh-ummmmm. Pause. Ahh-oohhhh-ummmmm. Pause. Repeat.

If you’ve ever done yoga, Pilates, meditation or something similar, you know the sound and feel of what I call the OM factor (TOF). If you haven’t heard it before or want to be reacquainted, click here . OM is not just a sound. It’s a vibrating, pulsating positive energy that’s linked to the universe. If tapped into on a daily basis it can change your life. Your home has that same power. The energy within it can encourage or discourage you. It can empower you or leave you feeling powerless. I believe you want your home to be filled with TOF. By starting today you will begin to see (and feel) the results almost immediately.

Think of an area in your home that can be cleared quickly. Your dining room table, top of your dresser or kitchen counters perhaps? Clear it completely. Now stop and take a moment to bring in TOF. Think about the positive energy organization is going to bring to this area. It’s easy to immediately worry about what you’re going to do with all the things you removed. Don’t take on those emotions; just let them pass. Envision what you need and only bring back those things. All else should be placed elsewhere in your home or thrown/given away. Use this same method for the rest of your home. The difference will be powerful.

TOF is a practice that will change not only your space, but also your life. Start small, be consistent and celebrate your victories. You’ll find yourself happier, more energized, and organized than you thought possible.


Are you ready for the OM factor in your space? Contact us today for your free consultation!

313.731.ACTS (2287)          www.insideoutorg.com.


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