The Simple Life

There’s a movement happening around us.  It’s being led by an underground society who are paying homage to the old while infusing their own views and values. They are choosing a life of simplicity over having it and doing it all. They understand that each thing you have in your home, office, purse, or pocket is a display of what is important to you. They are practicing what is at the core of being organized – that everything must work for you in your life at this very moment. American society has been taught that having more and more of everything is a show of success. The irony is that by simplifying your life you are actually more successful because you are happier, more fulfilled and balanced.

You can join in this movement by simply taking this oath:

I, (insert your name), do solemnly swear to live a life of simplicity. I will choose the things that I own purposefully and intentionally. I commit to valuing my space, time and mind by reducing the chaos, clutter and stress. I will remain open to ideas, people and experiences, but I will choose what I take in as my own and will let go of the rest. I take this oath today because I know that I am worth having a life filled with love, happiness, and simplicity. 

This oath is a simple promise to honor yourself in your everyday decisions. Take it in as your own. Practice its lessons daily. Doing so can jumpstart you into living the organized, balanced life you truly want. The legendary actress, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, and activist Ruby Dee said, “I’m not where I’m going to be. I’m always becoming.” Become part of the simplistic movement today and find yourself more fulfilled, peaceful, and content than you thought possible.

Did you take the oath? Declare it to the world by leaving a comment below! Also, be sure to share with your friends and family. If we all do our part to share this message, everyone will benefit from the simple living movement.

Are you ready for your space to reflect your new simple living attitude? Call us at 313.731.ACTS (2287) or visit www.insideoutorg.com to get started today!


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