The Why of Twist Ties

Why? This one-word sentence begins when you are a child and carries you through your whole life. It’s your way to understand the world and your place in it. Asking why, why not, why me, why you, and so on causes the asker and the asked to either unify or divide, go or stop, begin or end. It’s small in stature, but big in impact.

Recently a client of ours shared the “ah-ha” moment she had during one of our sessions. She explained that the moment she understood how disorganization affected her life was when she was asked about the twist ties that were used to close garbage bags pre-drawstring days. She said that the moment she was asked if she still needed them, her natural answer was a resounding and confident YES. When asked “why” she tried to give valid reasons to keep the ties, but just couldn’t. She learned the rules of organizing , so each excuse met with a “why” wasn’t holding up any longer. It was at that very moment, she understood that what she was doing before wasn’t going to work moving forward. The asking of “why” is what inspired her change.

Asking “why” is an empowering tool to add to your organizing tool kit. It’s one that will always make you think, keep you focused, and will motivate you to examine the now,  making way for a better future. Start today by applying it to some of the small decisions you make. Let this simple, yet powerful question lead you on your path to organizing success. Why not?

Inside Out Organizing is here to help you organize your space today. Call us at 313.731.ACTS (2287) and visit our http://www.insideoutorg.com today!


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