The 30 Day Challenge

Over the past few days, I’ve been in three different conversations with three different people that each talked about the process of taking baby steps. This got me to thinking about how becoming organized requires the same evolution. As babies, we develop at our own pace, despite what the experts say and our parent’s best intentions. Some of us may run before we walk, while some of us hang back and take our time. The point of it all is that everyone will get to where they need to be in due time, and usually taking baby steps will be the easiest way to get to reach the goal.

To help you get started, we’ve complied a 30 day – 30 baby step process to jumpstart your way towards organization. They may seem random, but if you try and build upon what you do each day, you will be 30 steps closer to having the organized life you want. We added a couple more for those overachievers out there. (smile)

  1. Make your bed.
  2. Hang up your coat when get home.
  3. Put your keys in the same spot everyday.
  4. Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.
  5. Wipe down your bathroom sink and tub after you finish using them.
  6. Handle some things once.
  7. Clear off your flat surfaces and keep them clear daily.
  8. Keep your most commonly used items accessible.
  9. Keep like things together.
  10. Do 10-minute clean sweeps in your most commonly used rooms.
  11. Go paperless.
  12. If you must have paper, use a filing cabinet with categorized color coded folders.
  13. If you mess it up, clean it up.
  14. Keep portable to-do lists.
  15. Use a “mail center” to capture all of your mail and sort through often.
  16. Use electronics to your advantage.
  17. Make sure everything has a home.
  18. Adopt the “in and out” method.
  19. Choose calm over chaos.
  20. Take some “me” time.
  21. If you take it out, put it back.
  22. Use your time wisely.
  23. Plan for tomorrow, today.
  24. Think positive!
  25. Store matching sheets within one of the matching pillow cases.
  26. Get ready for the next day the day before.
  27. Keep going and do your best.
  28. Create a schedule and stick to it.
  29. If you use it up, replace it.
  30. Do it as soon as you can.
  31. If it’s important, make time for it.
  32. Be inspired everyday to make the next day better than the last.

This list is in no particular order, and is not all inclusive. It’s just something to get you started – a jump off point if you will. Try them out and let us know how it goes. Putting forth a small effort for just 30 days will help you become more organized sooner than you think!

Ready to move from baby steps to big leaps into being organized? Contact us to get started. 313.731.ACTS (2287)   www.insideoutorg.com  


2 thoughts on “The 30 Day Challenge”

  1. love the 30 day challenge, especially this smart idea: Store matching sheets within one of the matching pillow cases.


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