Our Favorite Thingssssss!!!

They say life is all about the little things. The simple, everyday joys that make moments stand-out and the rigors of life fade into the background. Did you know that some of these simple pleasures can be linked to being organized? Yep, sure can. We believe that some of your favorite things can be directly related to having organization part of your everyday. Paying homage to the only and one Ms. Oprah Winfrey, we’re sharing a few of our favorite things with you today in hopes that you will see how organization can be the thread that weaves ease, simplicity, and pure enjoyment into your life on a daily basis. They sure do for us.

Our cell phone    You may be wondering how these, often called, modern day nuisances can be the key to being organized. Think about the functionality it offers. It can be your calendar, book and music collections, connection to the people in your life, cook book, personal trainer, yellow pages, and on and on. Anything you need can literally be at your fingertips whenever you need it. It can keep you on task, paperless and connected all at the same time. If you are looking for one thing that can literally make your life easier, this is it.

Storage bins   By now you guys probably know how we feel about storage bins, so it’s no surprise that it’s on our favorite things list. These little spaces of heaven are absolute essentials to keeping order while infusing style within your space. We use them everywhere and for everything. You may even want to get fancy and label what you have in them too! Oh, the endless possibilities of storage bins; they just make us happy.

Quotes    Whether motivational, funny, spiritual or inspirational, we love great quotes. Great quotes are like great friends. They pick us up, teach us a lesson, make us think and make us laugh. And that could be all in one quote! It’s so important to make sure the thoughts in your head are the happiest, most positive thoughts you can think, and a great quote can make that reality. Keep them readily available in your organizing toolbox to pull out on a moment’s notice to keep you going.

To-do lists   Oh, to do lists, where do we begin? You get us through our day with the ease and elegance of a graceful dancer. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but our affection for a great to-do list is true. Putting what’s important to us in word form is almost guaranteeing our success. Seeing everything we need to do in front of us gives us the ability to stay in control while being flexible at the same time. If you know what you need to do, it makes it that much easier to do it. Such a simple thing, but its impact can be so powerful to living a balanced life.

What are some of your favorite things that work double-duty to keep you organized? If you don’t have any right now, that’s OK. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find little ways to incorporate organizing into what you do already. When you do, you’ll notice a lift in your mood, pep in your step, and a smile on your face.  You get organized! You get balanced! You get to live your best life! Isn’t that the point of it all? We think so, and your favorite things can be the way to get there.

We’re in the business of making lives easier and can help you! Call us today! 313.731.ACTS (2287) www.insideoutorg.


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