Great ACTS

Before I began my organizing business, I went to school for esthetics and became a licensed esthetician. For anyone not familiar with the title, an esthetician is a skin care specialist that performs all types of skin care services, including facials, make-up application, and waxing. One of the main reasons I became an esthetician was because I wanted to perform a service that could instantly make someone feel like a million bucks. Seeing a client smile because she felt so relaxed and knew she looked good warms my heart to this day. I know how small experiences, such as having a relaxing and rejuvenating facial, can set you up for a great day.

Even though my primary focus is now on the business of organizing, I want to share a method that will not only get and keep your house in order, but will give you a glowing complexion at the same time. You just have to perform great ACTS.

Assess.   You always want to find the source of the problem. If skin is dry, then it needs moisture. If your home is out of order, then you have to look at the reason why. Growth and opportunity lie in the areas that are most difficult for us, so starting at the beginning will always set you up for success.

Create.   Once you know where to begin, it’s time for a plan. Great skin care begins with a regimen of eating right, exercise and drinking plenty of water. In addition, you must have the right products to enhance your skin type. Being organized requires the same type of ingredients. You have to have a vision of how you want your space to work and how you want it to look. Creating a vision board is one of the best ways to make your vision real. Find pictures and words, as well as your own thoughts and ideas and post them on a corkboard, poster board, or something similar. The goal is to make a collage of inspiration to give you a window into where you are going. Place it somewhere you can see it daily to keep you motivated.

Tackle.   Once you’re done the first two steps, you’re ready to make the magic happen. Purchase the right products and get into a routine of using them. Your skin will respond by looking fabulous because you’re providing what it needs to thrive. For your home, you’ve developed your vision board, and now it’s time to use the easy peasy rules of organizing to clear out the clutter. You’ll feel a sense of pride when you walk into your clean, organized home everyday. This is a crucial point in your journey. You have taken a leap of faith and finally have the skin and home you love, and are now ready for the final, and sometimes most challenging, step. 

Sustain.    Our favorite mantra is “Consistency. Everyday.” and this step is its epitome. In order to continue on the journey you started, you must do something to nurture it everyday. Your skin will not glow without being polished and neither will your home. You’ve put in the time and effort to look and feel good, so why let that feeling go? Staying the course may seem difficult in the beginning but if you follow your routine daily it’ll become second-nature in no time. To learn about taking baby steps to organization, please read our article, The 30 Day Challenge.

Taking care of yourself is essential to your well-being. If you can look at being organized the same way you look at having a flawless complexion, you’ll see how everything is connected and requires a true and organic balance of all of the moving parts of your life. Once you learn what it takes to make that balance happen, do something everyday to maintain it. It’s your way to live a more radiant, organized life.

Ready for a more radiant, organized life? Contact us today! 313.731.ACTS (2287)   www.insideoutorg.com


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