The Zone

Have you ever been “in the zone?” Can you remember what you were doing when you realized you were? How did you feel? How long did it last? Was it something you enjoyed and want to return to often? When someone says they are “in the zone” it always makes me think that they’re spending time doing something that makes them so happy that they are living in that moment and not worrying about all of the other things they have on their plate. Haven’t we all heard that the happiest people often lose themselves in something they absolutely love doing? The good thing is that this focused, centered, time-standing-still feeling doesn’t have to be fleeting and can become part of your life more regularly. Did you know that being organized can get you there? Yep, sure can. If you spend a little time in the “organizing zone,” then the “insert your favorite thing here” zone will be on deck because time will consistently open up for you to partake.

Before entering your “zone” however there are a few rules to abide by. Remember, they are made to be simple, yet progressive steps that will always lead you back to “your zone.”

Rule #1: Clear out the clutter and organize your stuff. Over the next month, give yourself at least 10 minutes a day to concentrate on clearing out an area. Set a timer so you can stay on course. Don’t worry if you can’t completely finish in the time set. As you complete one area, move to the next. The goal is just to make consistent progress. Be sure to take before and after pictures to document your journey. Those are so fun to see afterwards… trust me! This will most likely be motivation enough to be keep going, but if it’s not check out rule #2.

Rule #2: Create routines. Routines are your friends. Say it with me… ROUTINES ARE MY FRIENDS! Establishing a routine will empower you in ways you won’t believe. Try the 10 minutes a day as mentioned in rule 1. Add to it everyday. Day 1: 10 minutes of cleaning and 10 minutes of reading before bed. Day 2: 10 minutes of cleaning, 10 minutes of reading before bed, and 10 minutes of cleaning out your email inbox. And so on. Seriously, get a timer because once you start you’ll find yourself in an ” organizing zone” and won’t want to stop. This experience has happened with many of my clients because having a task with a deadline is motivating, especially when the task leads to rule #3.

Rule #3: Enter into “your zone” often. Deep breath… inhale… and exhale. Welcome. This is your space to just… be. Isn’t it wonderful? Don’t you deserve it? Yes, you do! In a recent interview the legendary author Toni Morrison shared one of the greatest lessons that she’s learned, “Everyone needs to have a place that is all theirs.”It’s just a place where it’s you,” she says. “It can be creative, it can be a computer, it can be anything. It’s your sacred place and you own it.” Hint… she is talking about you too. You’ve pushed on through the first two rules and have earned the right to be here. Sometimes you can even skip the first two if you need to. (Don’t worry I won’t tell.) The point is to get here with consistency and purpose. You’ll be a better you for it.

There you have it. I’ve laid out three easy-to-follow rules to organize and rejuvenate you at the same time. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results, the more you’ll find yourself in your “zone.” Enjoy!

What gets you in your “zone?” Share with us!

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