Hello out there!

It’s been a while since I posted and I must admit that I missed writing about one of my favorite topics – organization! Oh, how I love to talk about getting and staying organized! It just makes me happy. All that happiness got me to thinking… is organization the key to happiness? The key to my happiness at least? I thrive in an organized environment and become stressed if I’m in chaos too long. I actually think I might be allergic to drama. Ok, I have no physical proof of that, but I just don’t like the feeling it brings. So, what can keep me less itchy and more happy? That’s what I went in search for and the answer came to me like an ephipany… choose to live simply.

Simple living isn’t a new concept. Until recently, it actually was how people lived. Seems like with all of the progress we made in the last hundred years also came less value being put on keeping things simple. Luckily, there seems to be a movement going back to basics and choosing simplicity over the stress and strain of new world thinking. My family, for one, are now part of that movement and proud of it! We are on a mission to make “less is more” a way of life, instead of just a catchy slogan. So, while organizing still makes me smile (who doesn’t love an organized pantry with everything labeled, neat and tidy? Goosebumps!), ultimately my happiness comes from my family and our choice to live simply everyday.

I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts, experiments (fun stuff!) and tips on organization, as well as living simply in future blogs. Hope to have you along for the ride!

~ Camille


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