One Minute Organization

Set your timer for one minute… Choose an area to organize… Go!

Yes, I said it! You can get organized in one minute. Well, maybe not completely, but a start is all you need.

Here’s a list of things you can do in one minute or less : 

  • Throw old magazines, newspapers, etc. in the recycling bin
  • Make a recycling bin out of an old box or storage container
  • Put your keys in a place you can easily find them
  • Hang up your coat
  • Put your shoes away
  • Make your bed
  • Find 3 items in your closet to give away (CHALL-LUNGE!)
  • Sort your mail and recycle papers you don’t need
  • Create online folders to store emails to free up your inbox (Bonus: Create  filters for specific emails to go to their designated folders automatically)
  • Setup automatic payment for your bills
  • Select electronic bank and bill statements (Reduces paper & helps the planet. Sweet!)
  • Write a list of other things you can do in one minute or less!

The idea is to use this minute as a springboard. Little wins lead to big wins. Take a minute (or two if you’re ambitious) and make a list of things that you think you can do in a minute or less. Challenge yourself, then get going! You can accomplish a lot more than you may realize.

So, what will you do with your minute?

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