Going Green on a Budget

I’m finding that the easiest way to go green is to do so on a budget. Having to stick to a budget has prevented me from throwing away everything “non-environmentally friendly” in the name of saving the planet. Instead, I found ways to make our going green initiative realistically doable, while saving some serious coin.

Here are a few things I’ve done that you may want to try:

Use up, then replace – Once I finish a product, I replace it with a green alternative. For example, when I ran out of bathroom spray cleanser, I replaced it with my homemade version. I’ve used my version ever since. This has been cheaper as well, which is always a plus. Having to pay for spray bottles, natural cleaning ingredients, etc. has paid for  itself in just a few short months .

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse – This isn’t just a slogan for my family. We’ve always tried to do all three, however since choosing to live more simply, we have stepped up our efforts in a major way. It also helps that we have curbside recycling in our community, so we load up our recyclable products and have them taken away every two weeks. This doesn’t cost a thing and is keeping these items out of landfills. Ultimately, we are looking to reduce what we bring in to only what we need. That will definitely be a money saver!

I’ve always been one to repurpose and continue to this day. Giving new life to old objects is a fun, creative way to go green and save some money in the process.

Cancel magazine subscriptions – Lord knows I love Oprah’s O magazine, but I just don’t have to sit down and read all the intellectually stimulating and entertaining prose on the latest and greatest stuff in the world. I’d rather browse her website or Facebook page for snippets that I can read quickly. Not to mention, it’s *ahem* FREE! Needless to say I’ve cancelled all magazine subscriptions until I have time and energy to sit down and read them. For now, I’ll just save the money and trees.

What are some ways you’ve gone green? Share in the comments below!

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