The SOL Train

Growing up, I remember watching Soul Train every Saturday afternoon. Seeing the hottest musical acts, the best dancers, a debonair host, and, of course, the Soul Train line made me feel like I was part of something great. To this day, when people party a Soul Train line always breaks out. The show aired for over 30 years; that’s almost unheard of in the entertainment business, or in any business for that matter. It shows that if you have the right combination, success and longevity will come your way. Isn’t this something you want for your life? I know I do!

To help us get there, I’m working on my own version of Soul Train which involves simple, organized living or SOL, for short. Our SOL Train comes on everyday and includes some great tunes (via the hubby), some funky dance moves (from my eldest), a beautiful hostess (moi *wink*), and a SOL Train line of activities to keep us grooving to the beat, while moving forward.

Some of these groovy activities include:

  • Committing to this lifestyle. Yes, it’s a lifestyle not a one-time deal.
  • Staying on schedule as much as possible. Life happens (sick kids, etc.) but we do our best to get right back on schedule as quickly as possible.
  • Planning meals for the week ahead. I’m still working on this one, but I’ve gotten better as I go. Doing so has saved time, money and brain cells since I know what’s on the menu!
  • Decluttering and simplifying room-by-room. We were already on this step, but now look at it as an endeavor to live minimalistic. Truthfully, I don’t want to “spring clean” yearly. Quality over quantity going forward.


When I look at all we have on our plate, it makes me proud, but also gives me the push to get them done. While Soul Train is no longer making new trips, our SOL Train is just leaving the station and picking up speed. Choo Choo! 

Are you ready to hop on the SOL Train? Show me your moves in the comments below!

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