5 Things to Get Rid of Today

Here are 5 things you can repurpose, donate or toss to get more organized today:

Old Towels and Sheets     Old towels and sheets seem to be protected like the rainforests. These items just seem to linger around for years, no matter how unused and despite there being many, many sets. While a good set of either can last several years, they all need to be retired at some point. Believe me, your linen closet will love you for allowing it breathe again. Pick a reasonable amount of towels (i.e. family of 4 needs 8 sets at the most) and sheets (i.e. maximum of 3 sets per bed – actually I prefer 2: 1 for spring/summer, 1 for fall/winter) and stick to it. Everything else should either be tossed or donated. Animal shelters love old towels for the animals to cuddle.

Missing Socks      Face it, the Sock Monster won. You could pitch them, but why not use them in other ways? Check out these cool tips  to repurpose them.

Excess Pens and Pencils     Just how many pens and pencils does one house need? Most are empty, don’t work or have dried up, so they’re just collecting dust and taking up valuable space. Cut your current stash in half, then in half again. Trust me, you won’t miss them. If they’re still good, donate them to a school or senior living community. Let’s pay it forward people! In the future, try to limit the “free” pens and only buy more if you run out.

Expired food       Do I even have to explain this one? You know it’s in there. Go ahead and just get rid of it. You can cut down on  yummy food gone bad by planning your meals ahead. That way you’ll only have what you need on hand so nothing will go to waste. Plus, you’ll save money too. Cha-ching!

Plastic food storage containers    Don’t we all have too, I mean TOO, many plastic containers in our cabinets? They seem to breed like rabbits, don’t they? Do yourself and the planet a favor by replacing these containers with glass or stainless steel versions. And instead of pitching the plastic containers, you can take them to local recycling center. When replacing, buy the smallest amount you need to store food easily. Limiting how many you have can help prevent you from falling back into the “just in case” mindset.

There you have it. Go crazy and get rid of stuff. You’ll thank yourself in the morning. I promise.


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