Love It or Leave It – June Organizing Challenge: The Results

June represents the beginning of summer. The weather heats up, school comes to an end and having fun is the name of the game. And by fun I mean, cleaning out my basement to be rid of all-things-unnecessary-once-and-for-all. YIPPEE! You can check out my previous post to see how all this came to be. I’m sure you and I share the same definition of fun, right? *ahem* Anywho, the challenge was on and time was ticking, so I had to get down to business.

On an early Friday morning, I began by bringing all the bins and binless items upstairs to sort through everything in a comfortable space. I cranked up the tunes sorted into 5 categories: 

  1. Discard: Discarded all broken, incomplete, and unusable items.
  2. Keep: All items that we are keeping were returned to a bin to be labeled and stored neatly in the basement.
  3. Sell: Kept all garage sale items in the living room for easy transportation. (The sale was a week away so the items sat for that week. Oh, what fun that was. Not! )
  4. Recycle: Recycled any recycable items that we weren’t going to use.
  5. Donate: All gently used items we will not be using will be donated.

This was no small task, I tell you. As usual, I found that I had way more than I thought, especially when it came to clothing. My donation pile has many items that I could’ve sold – more on that in a second. As my husband came in and stepped over the days carnage, he was quite impressed with all that I accomplished. However I still had more to do. Next came the garage sale.

I’ve discovered something about myself – I don’t like having garage sales. I’m not even sure I like going to them; the jury is still out on that one though. Our neighborhood has annual sale and every year it just seems like people are accumulating more and more that they will just turn around and sell. I just don’t believe in that any longer. We did, however, participate in the sale on a small scale and made a little money for our troubles.

Today, I still have some things to do, such as purchase some shelving to neatly organize what remains in the basement, including labeling, as well as tie up the loose ends by dropping off our donated items. Overall, I believe the Love It or Leave It Challenge went very well. I feel accomplished and motivated to continue streamlining, decluttering and organizing our home on the way to Simplicityville.

Did you take the challenge? If so, how did you do? Let me know in the comments.


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