How to keep your Pinterest boards organized

So, I guess I’m a tad late, but my new guilty pleasure is Pinterest™. If you’re not familiar, Pinterest is a virtual vision board where you can organize, store, and share images you find online. Just pin a favorite picture to a board you create and you’re ready to share these boards with your friends and other Pinterester’s. You can also visit and “follow” other people’s boards for inspiration as well. From ways to organize a small kitchen to how to fit in a daily workout – literally anything you’re looking for, you’ll can find. It’s like a smoregasbord of awesomeness.

With all of that awesomeness at your fingertips, if you’re not careful, things can become a bit messy. There’s nothing worse than pinning a great image, only to not be able to find it when you need it. Therefore, here are two simple tips to keep your Pinterest boards clean, clear and under control.

Be Vaguely Specific   Choosing a good name for each board is key because this will be the driving force in organizing your images. You want to be descriptive enough to know exactly what’s in the board, however you don’t want to be too vague and have 5 boards with 100+ things in each. For example, if you create a board for an upcoming kitchen renovation, you may want to call it Our New Kitchen, instead of Kitchen Stuff. Giving each board an appropriate name will make your experience that much more fun.

More pinning, less liking       In addition to the “pin” option, you can also “like” an image – similar to Facebook. While there’s nothing wrong with “liking” an image, if you make a habit of it you could find yourself spending more time searching for a certain image in the abyss of liked images, instead of having fun finding and pinning new ones. I learned this one the hard way. So, take the time to set up boards from the start and pin to them to keep track of your goods. You’ll be happy you did when it’s time to use all of that inspiration you’ve collected.

There you have it. So far, these two little rules have kept Pinterest fun, inspirational, and time-consuming a great new past time for visualizing (& organizing) my dreams. Are you on Pinterest? You can follow me here: orgzdsimplicity.




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