10 Weekend Tweaks to Make Your Weekdays Easier

Ah, the weekend. Two days of freedom from the hustle and bustle of the weekdays. You can go a little bit slower and sleep a little bit longer. Not so much if you’re a parent of young kiddies, but I digress. While the weekend should involve more downtime than not, here are 10 activities to add, in the name of making your weekdays flow more smoothly.

    1. Choose and iron an outfit for each day. Don’t forget shoes and accessories!
    2. Wash, chop and store fruits and veggies in an airtight container to make pulling together weeknight dinners a breeze.
    3. Make breakfast. Making breakfast can steal essential time from your mornings, so why not make it on the weekend? Breakfast burritos, scrambled omelets, and muffins are all easy to make and freeze. Just reheat in the morning and have homemade goodness to start your day off right.
    4. Review your calendar for upcoming appointments, events, etc. Looking ahead gives you the advantage of knowing what’s coming and the power to reschedule, cancel or reprioritize, if necessary.
    5. Set “fun” goals for the week. Choose at least 3 fun things to do and do them! They don’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Making sure you keep fun as a priority is one thing that should be done everyday. No excuses! :o)
    6. Do your grocery and other shopping. Taking time to shop for the week may not be the most fun thing to do, but trust me, your weekdays will thank you.
    7. If possible, do your hair in a style that can either touched up or not fussed with at all during the week. Most Sunday’s my hair goes into braids, twists, or some type of updo and I’m good to go for about 5 days.  
    8. Fill your gas tank on Sunday. Getting gas on Sunday evening, preferably, may reduce or eliminate trips to the pump during the week. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re ready to get going and having to stop and fill er’ up early in the morning.
    9. Deep clean the house. Trying to fit in cleaning the stove on a Tuesday will probably throw a wrench in your evening. Try 10-minute quick cleanups for everyday messes to keep your home tidy during the week.
    10. Finally, get some rest. Recharge those batteries so you can float through your week with renewed energy to finish everything you need to do.

What are some things you do on the weekend to make your week easier? Share in the comments below!





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