How to Finish Something

While folding clothes the other day, a thought came to me – I’m going to fold these clothes, but I’ll put them away later. An innocent  notion perhaps, however it can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How many times have you started something, only to not to finish? Too many to count, I’m sure. We, myself included, have good intentions to finish what we start. We research, plan, even purchase things to get the job done, then something happens that derails our efforts. The great idea or project just doesn’t come to fruition. Have no fear, my friends. I’m here with a few ways to help you tie up those loose ends and start feverishly checking off items from your to-do list. Ready? Let’s go!

Start.   Naturally, in order to finish something you have to start. Nuff’ said.

Get organized.  Being organized is one of the best ways to almost guarantee success. Knowing what you need to do to finish a task makes it more likely that you’ll actually do it. Once you decide to start something, take the time to think about what you hope the outcome to be. Then, work backwards. Visualizing the end result gives you a clearer path to getting it done.

Set a deadline. Deadlines are your best friend when it comes to finishing something. They add pressure to push you forward, when you may have wanted to quit. If you really want to achieve a goal, give it a firm end date and stick to it.

Keep yourself accountable.  Hold yourself responsible for finishing what you start. Give yourself rules (don’t be too strict) for getting your task done. For example, if you want to write a book, make a goal to write something daily. It doesn’t have to a chapter, just write something. You may want to keep a progress journal or a calendar to mark of the days you pursued your goal. Also, pulling in some great family members and friends to share your feelings with will help keep you honest and moving forward. And remember, be kind to yourself if you have a set back. The important part is that you get back up and keep going.

Reward yourself along the way.  Build in small incentives along your journey. These mini-celebrations should give you a feeling of accomplishment that you made it to a certain level, but shouldn’t be too large to halt progress. Keep the love of forward motion going and you’ll be marking off that task in no time.

Feel the success now.   Think of a goal you want to accomplish. Now fast forward to how it feels to finish it. The feeling you’re feeling is why you begin in the first place. Embrace it. Savor it. Keep it in your everyday thoughts. Sometimes the feeling of success is motivation enough to persevere. Whatever you want is yours. You just have to keep going.

What are some sure fire ways you finish something?


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