The 3 C’s of Nourishing Organization

I posted the quote to the left on my Facebook page this past week because it struck a chord with me. It made me think about how often the things I do at home affect my spirit more than I realize. At this stage of life, I wear a lot of hats and, at times, the responsibilities can be overwhelming. My energy runs low and my patience runs even lower; my spirit just needs a time-out and tune-up. That’s when organization swoops in like a Superheroine (in my case) to save the day.

Clear your head.              When I feel like I’m about to lose all sense of self, I write a to-do list. Everything that’s swirling around my head goes on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s things I take for granted, e.g. taking a shower;  if it’s contributing to pressure I feel at the moment, it’s going on the list. Clearing your head allows you to release the heaviness of having to remember tasks. You are able to see and reflect on the how and when (and if, for that matter) things are done, quickly switching panic to progress.

Clean and Organize.       Cleaning and organizing are two of the best ways to feed your soul. When your home is in disarray, you can feel uneasy, out of control, and stressed. Having a clean and organized home or,as I call it, the hOMe factor, contributes to a sense of well-being, peace and fulfillment. Taking as little as one minute will bring order to everyday messes letting the endorphins of good feelings begin.

Create.                 Over the weekend, I created a family calendar using Google Calendar. It will keep track of our appointments, events, and fun, family activities for us to do each Saturday. You know all the fun stuff you bookmark on your browser, save in your email or pin on Pinterest? This where those come in handy! (I’ll be posting how I did this soon!) Maybe a calendar will work to help you feed your spirit by scheduling time for yourself, your family, a cause that’s close to your heart… whatever you’d like. No matter how you stay encouraged, getting organized will help you find the time, money, and other resources to do the things that warms your soul.

What are some ways you nourish your soul through organization? Bonus points for continuing the “C” theme!


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