The Super Mom Series: Creating a Family Command Center (Part 2)

Last week, part 1 of this sub-series was all about how creating a family calendar is the best way to keep up with everyone’s schedule, in one central location.  This week I’m moving on to how having a family command center helps Super Mom’s win the battle between organization and the constant influx of paper. Let the battle begin! *ding, ding!*

Here are the top 3 ways your family command center can help manage paper, Super Mom-style:

Be proactive      The number one way to conquer paper clutter is to prevent it from happening in the first place. From canceling magazine and/or newspaper subscriptions (if you don’t read them) to removing your name from catalog and junk mail listings,  you can gain control of what comes in by saying “no, thank you” up front. If you haven’t done so and it doesn’t cost, think about switching your bills to online-only to receive statements via email, as this will lighten your paper load as well.  

Divide and conquer        Forget diamonds, vertical organization is a Super Mom’s best friend. Hanging folders, bins, and baskets are wonderful for wall-mounted command centers. Simply label each organizer of choice to hold a specific category and stay organized instantly. Some categories you might use are: school papers (each child has their own), coupons, receipts, mail, and so on. If your command center is horizontal (as in an armoire or desk), desktop hanging folders and/or stackable trays work wonders for keeping everything in order. Color-coding a category or individual , e.g. financial information is green, Mary’s things are pink, is also a great idea to bring over from the family calendar, thus creating an unanimous theme across the entire command center.

1-and-Done        Consider the 1-and-done method of touching an item once and deciding then and there where it goes. This may seem difficult at first, but with the right organizers (as mentioned above), recycle bin and paper shredder close by, it’ll be easier than you think. For example, as you sort the mail of the day, separate each piece into categories, e.g. coupons, recycle, and shred. Once your decisions are made, follow-up through by placing each pile in its rightful location. You did it! Doing this step saves you way more time and frustration than you realize.

Those are my top 3 paper clutter busters. What do you do to keep your family command center a perfect paper palace?


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