The Best Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaners Ever

With two boys and a grown man in the house, mama needs cleaning products that work. I need to be able to clean the daily yuckiness they can impose on our home. Until recently that meant going to my local Target, sashaying to the cleaning aisle and spending a good 15 minutes deciding which products to buy. It’s like you have to have degrees in chemistry and finance to know what’s budget-friendly and gets the job done.  And when you want the products to be “green,” well, that is a whole other story.


Over the years, I’ve tried a host of all-natural, store bought products, but something was missing. I wanted simpler ingredients that I could:

  • Pronounce and easily understand
  • Afford in large quantities and
  • Use around my family without worrying about harsh fumes/chemicals.

God bless mommy bloggers and Pinterest. Spending lots of time on several different blogs and Pinterest boards helped me learn to make own cleaning products. First stop was our most used and yuckiest areas – the bathroom. Dun, dun, dunnnn!

I tried Emily at Live Renewed‘s non-toxic, all-natural bathroom recipes. Her suggestions hit the mark on list of my wants. Yay! I use the homemade “Soft Scrub®” mixture daily. As Emily mentioned, I don’t use vinegar (it cancels out the castile soap), and add a little more water than was called for in the recipe to get a creamier consistency. I use a scoop on a moist sponge and I get to cleaning. I keep a double batch of the mixture in a BPA-free plastic container (with the scoop on top); if it gets stiff, just stir in more water. One (double) batch lasts about a week or so.

I love this stuff.

Eventually, I’ll move on to making different concoctions for around the rest of the house, but for now if you need me, I’ll be in the bathroom. 🙂


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