Mommy, Interrupted

These days my life seems to be full of obligation. From family to work and back again, there’s little time for, well, me. Kids don’t get that Mommy is hungry, tired, not feeling so hot, or is two sentences away from finishing this blog post. Their needs are also more important than the fact that Mommy needs to pee.  And that’s OK most of the time; I get it, I do. I’d just like to take a shower without knocks on the door… sometimes. Pretty, please?

A life of constant interruption can suck you drier than the Sahara has its challenges and, frankly, having to stop mid-whatever is difficult for me. I’m always caught between wanting to finish whatever it is I’m doing and wanting to give 100% of my attention to my kids. After all, they’ll only be young once and may eventually not want to share their innermost thoughts with me, right? So, how do I do both? The simple answer is – I don’t.

I do what works best at the time.

Sometimes (honestly most times) the kids win. Other times, I win. I’m not keeping score though. As long as all parties feel loved, listened to, and supported, then I’d say, we had a good day.


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