My Year-Round Wardrobe

Brrrrrrr! Baby, it’s cold outside. Winter is officially here, which normally requires lugging bins from the basement and spending time switching out warm for cold weather clothes. I used to practice this ritual twice a year, but recently decided “no more!” My simplistic outlook on life does not have room for such shananigans. I decided that I needed a wardrobe that was flexible enough to be worn all-year round and condensed enough to serve my minimialist spirit. Luckily, my Audrey Hepburn meets Boho-chic style mixes well with adding trendy items here-and-there, but I always, always, allllways come back to my favorite pieces —

Scarves  I wear scarves all year long. Scarves make any outfit (well, almost any outfit – sweats, not so much) look chic.

Classic white button-down shirt   Dressed up or down, this shirt is a must-have in a year-round wardrobe.

Tank tops    These little pieces of awesomeness can be worn under any shirt, cardigan or alone during the warmer months. When I find them on sale, I stock up.

Leggings   Thank goodness this trend came back! For the winter, I’ll add leggings under summer dresses (even under some pants for extra warmth) to extend their use. I love pairing them with knee-high boots, a long, drapey sweater, casual top and a scarf. That’s Mommy-chic right there, folks. 😉  

Jeans    When I’m not at work, it’s rare to find me not wearing jeans. I wear them with heels, sandals, or rolled up with my knee-high boots. I only own a couple pair (1 light wash and 1 dark wash) and find them to be very versatile and seasonless. 

Skirts/Capris    I take skirts and capris into cold weather by pairing them with leggings and knee-high boots or opaque tights and heels.

Maxi Dresses     I LOVE a good maxi dress! I layer shirts under or over them and call it a day. It can be a challenge to find a maxi I like, but when I do I love it to ittty-bitty pieces. 🙂

Jewelry and other accessories   Year-round wardrobes wouldn’t be complete without the right jewelry and other accessories. I’m not a purse girl these days, but I do love a cute earring, necklace and bracelet to add pops of color. Accessories are rarely season-specific and usually pull together an outift with the greatest of ease.

I love the versatility of having a year-round wardrobe and can see myself practicing this method for years to come.

If you’re interested in building (or scaling down to eventually build) your own year-round wardrobe, check out these links:

6 Tips to build a year-round wardrobe

Project 333

Creating a year-round wardrobe for cheap


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