My Homemade Sore Throat Remedy

Tis’ the season for sore throats and, unfortunately, we seem to keep them at my house. They are usually the tell-tale sign of impending doom sickness for my family and I.     As the proactive, all-natural mama that I am, I wanted to find an organic, homemade remedy to combat (and hopefully prevent) sore throats at first tickle.

As usual, I scoured the internet for recipes and noticed most of them use 3 main ingredients – lemon, ginger and honey. Some added spices, such as cayenne, but I like to keep things simple.

Here’s my recipe –

1 sliced organic lemon
1 sliced ginger root
1 bottle of organic honey (preferably locally made)

Add all ingredients to a glass jar and refridgerate. Once chilled, the mixture will have a jellylike consistency. To serve, add one spoonful to a mug and pour boiling water over it.

Be sure to use this remedy as soon as you feel a tickle in your throat. You can store it for 2-3 months (I added the expiration date on the side of the mason jar.)  

My husband, oldest son, and I drink a cup a day. The results? So far so good. This recipe is so easy that I’m sure it’ll be a staple in our all-natural medicine cabinet for years to come.


Please note: Children under age 1 should not have honey. If you’re unsure if your child should take this, please consult a physician.