10 Life Lessons Learned from my Children

In my five short years being a mom, I’ve learned many lessons. Each one has shaped my parenting style and helped me understand my role as a mother. As the first woman in my children’s lives, I know that my influence will undoubtedly affect almost every future relationship they have. A mother’s love is sacred — the soft place to land when it’s time for children to fly free.

You see, the thing I didn’t know about my role was that I would be just as much a student, as I was a teacher. My children have been the best teachers I’ve ever had. They’ve taught me lessons that have not only challenged me to be a better Mom, but to be better person.

I’ve listed the 10 most important life lessons I’ve learned so far —

▪    To trust my instincts
▪    To be fiscally responsible (It’s hard to live fully with debt – trust me.)
▪    To let others take the lead sometimes
▪    To be honest yet thoughtful, even in the most difficult situation
▪    To listen to what someone says, as well as what they may not be saying
▪    To take time to play
▪    To speak up if I don’t know something
▪    To speak up if I want something
▪    To love unconditionally (This one is tough; I’m working on it.)
▪    To empathize before I criticize (Working on this one too.)

Having my eyes opened to each of these lessons has been a blessing. I feel immense gratitude to have received each lesson from such great, little teachers. I’m also grateful and privileged to be able to share them with all of you.

As they say — as is life, the student becomes the teacher…


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