Yoga Every Damn Day

Today I began what I hope to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship — my yoga and meditation practice. As mentioned in an earlier post, starting yoga and meditation practices are personal goals this year and today was the origin of my evolution. Yes, I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s kind of a big deal in my little world. I feel like I’m on the verge of an awakening that can send me on a different life journey.

Frankly, I believe this is one of the reasons I hadn’t started before — achieving a new level of consciousness usually requires big life changes. And normally I’m not the girl to haul you-know-what when it’s time to get er’ done, but this year I’m making a conscious effort to welcome peace and contentment, instead of life-altering change — that was last year.

Fast forward to today…

I’m so glad I accepted the yoga challenge and plan to do it (and meditation) every damn day in January and beyond. Namaste, y’all.