12 Steps to Gentle Parenting

Since my oldest son turned four we’ve had our hands full to say the least. He is a perfect mixture of me (an independent, passionate, (first born) trailblazer) and my husband (intelligent and funny, whose empathy falls upon most who make his acquaintance.) Having a child who embodies all of these characters at such a young age has been overwhelming for both us and our son. We’re strong-willed people, but our son has us beat.

As he is approaching his fifth birthday, we have been experiencing a change in his behavior – a change that we don’t necessarily like. We want to make sure to nurture his gifts, yet instill disclipline at the same time. To do this, we needed some tools to help us and I was lucky enough to come across this article:

12 Steps to Gentle Parenting

Each step is a gentle reminder to stay on the positive parenting path. We know that parenting is a lifelong journey that offers fantastic lessons in learning about ourselves, as well as our children. This path can be challenging at times, but we will stay the course as the rewards are worth the small bumps in the road.