Just One Thing

I have a confession.

I totally failed the yoga challenge for January. I only made it about three days. Why is it so hard to get my yoga on? Why don’t I make time for yoga and meditation everyday when I know that the practice of both would bring my life such joy? Why can’t I get on board? I’ve tried to think this out and have come up with just one thing…

I’m over-thinking it.

Yoga and meditation are about opening yourself up and letting go. Each allows you to be in the now, observing yourself without judgment or expectation. Love and light can flow freely through you, out into the universe and back. Yoga and meditation aren’t about questions; they are about answers.

But, what happens when you’re all about questions? See, there I go again.

This, my dear readers, is why I’m letting go of the expectation of a daily practice, for now at least. I have to be real with myself. I am a busy, working mother of two and when I get a moment, I’d rather take a nap than practice my tree pose. And that’s OK. When life permits, I’ll gladly roll out my mat. Until then, if I do just one thing a day to love and nurture myself, be it yoga, meditation, or just take a nap, that’s good enough for me.


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