The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Several years ago, I remember Oprah talking about the personal journals she has written over the years. She spoke on the joy she receives not only from reading them, but from their mere presence. Words, especially your own, are powerful. One of my favorite people world, Maya Angelou, said it best,

“Words are things. You must be careful about the words you use or the words you allow people to use in your home… They get on your wall paper, on your rugs, on your upholstery, and in your things. And then finally into you. Words are powerful things.”

After hearing Oprah I wanted to use my words to tell my story, too. I imagined journaling everyday, but never acted on it. I would write down thoughts here and there, but never wrote regularly. And reflecting on it now, I’m able to see that I talked myself out it. I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t a writer. My own words were self-sabotaging prophecies.

It’s a good thing my past doesn’t define my future.

As I get older and wisdom sets in, I’m learning not to set limitations on who and what I am and can become. My life energy is a dynamic, ever-evolving force that should not be contained by the words “I am” or “I am not.” Making a subtle shift from saying “I’m not a writer” to “Writing comes naturally to me” has removed the block I created with my words, allowing me to finally start my gratitude journal. It took years to get here, but everyday when my timer goes off I write at least one thing I’m grateful for. If I miss a day, that’s OK. I don’t let pressure or judgment enter the picture; I just do what comes naturally. My words have now become my supportive and nurturing friend that drives both my personal and professional success.

Remember to choose your words carefully and always be grateful each day you’re here to use them; they are the gifts that keep on giving.

Do you journal? What do you do to stay committed? Let me know in the comments or via Facebook or Twitter!


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