Gratitude Remains

We’ve all been there. The week begins like any other, then your life takes a turn so far left that you don’t even know the where, when or why. It seems like one thing after another happens and you’re left feeling lost, confused, frustrated and a little defeated. You find yourself asking, “What’s going on here? Why is this happening? Why me, why now?”

That was my week, in a nutshell. It started with a frustrating conversation on Sunday night and is ending with my son and I being sick with what appears to be a sinusey-head cold thingie. Needless to say, it has not been a fun week. But, I can say this…

I am still grateful.

Now, why in the world should I be grateful for a crappy week? Well, first and foremost, I’m here to tell you about it. Living in the city of Detroit is a daily reminder that life is not promised. Secondly, the darkest of times gives way to the brightest of lights. I’ve learned that my most personal growth happens when life is the toughest. I am the woman I am today because I’ve learned to turn lemons into the tastiest lemonade. Thirdly, I’m grateful for the ability to stand strong, even when things are not going as planned. It’s always easier to believe in something when you’re not being tested. But, a true belief will embed deeper when someone or something challenges it. Lastly, and most importantly, I’m grateful for my family and friends who love me regardless of my successes or failures. I have a loving, supportive, and truthful (even if it hurts) circle with whom I am truly grateful.

They say, “you must have a test to have a testimony.” This week has proven that! So, as the tissues pile up, reflection continues, lessons are learned and life goes on, whether I’m ready or not. Yet and still, I am grateful.


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