Our Debt Free Journey: 5 Ways We Stay Motivated

We’re one-third of the way through our debt snowball and we’re still encouraged and motivated to reach our goal. This is definitely the biggest goal we’ve set for our family so far. Here’s what we do to keep perspective and stay motivated to stick with our plan, as we continue pushing this snowball towards debt freedom:

Have monthly money meetings. In the first few days of the month, my husband and I meet for about 10-15 minutes to discuss the month and how it relates to our finances. I present the budget according to our bills and we chat about upcoming expenses that might not be included in the budget already. Most times I’m just updating him on our balances and what we’re applying where. It’s a great way to stay connected and moving forward together. You can read more about how we structure our meetings here.

Stay on budget. Fortunately, we are both very much committed to our budget, so this isn’t a tough thing to do. Sticking to our budget ensures that we can apply extra money towards our debt without fail. Watching our balances decrease is a huge motivator to stay the course.

Share our journey with others. Telling people about Dave Ramsey and how his awesome plan is changing our lives definitely keeping us going. We are examples of how diligence and persistence can pay off. It also keeps us accountable because we know others are watching. If we can do it, you can do it!

Follow others that have done it already. There’s nothing more motivating than to see that others have accomplished the same goal you’re working toward. It makes it more tangible and shows you that you’re not that crazy after all. Learning what others have done to become debt free also makes our journey easier. We hope to become mentors to others someday.

Feel the win. We talk about what we’ll do once we have no debt and a substantial amount of money in the bank. We kick around dreams and other goals we’ll be able to realize once we’ve freed up our money. We spend time thinking about what it will feel like to be the true captains of our ship. Just thinking about what the future holds creates a sense of “winning” before we experience it. That taste of success is more than enough to keep us going.

What do you do to stay motivated to achieve your goals? I’d love to read them!


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