Go Breathe Go is officially www.gobreathego.com!

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me. I finally purchased the website address for Go Breathe Go. Go ahead and glance at your address bar – I’ll wait. Dun dunna dunnn! I’m official, y’all. It feels good to have a home that’s mine all mine.

I’ve been here before though. With previous websites and blogs, I’d spend a lot of money and tons of time and energy upfront, only to change my mind and do something else. I wanted this time to be different. So, I went the cheapest (you can’t beat free) and easiest (premade blog designs rock) route possible and made this promise to myself: When I showed a commitment to writing frequently and had a bit of audience, I would put in the time, money, and effort to build a blog to truly connect with the world.

Well, I’ve kept my promise and here I am!

Marking my virtual territory gives me permission to bring more of myself to this blog, and oh baby, get ready. This brain of mine has tons of awesomeness spewing forth (ok, that’s kinda gross, but you get what I’m getting at). I hope you continue on this journey with me and if you haven’t done so, please subscribe to the blog by clicking “Sign me up!” to the left and entering your 411.

Talk to you soon,

Camille – OUT!  xoxo


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