Five Ways I Stay Inspired Everyday

I crave inspiration. The source doesn’t matter as much as the substance. I love when something makes me stop in my tracks and verbally shout, “Yes!” Nowadays, that’s an everyday occurrence – I’m addicted. There I said it. If being addicted to inspiration is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

Here are five ways I get my daily fix:

  • I listen to music constantly. From Ella to Bruno, I love anything that sounds good and has a great message. Plus, a rockin’ beat and an awesome voice can get anyone going!
  • I connect with my circle of greatness. Whether it’s hearing about a friend’s life changing “ah-ha” moment or reading a story about a teenager who found a cheap and sustainable way to make a solar panel, I’m never far from the constant stream of inspiration I need to make my world go round.
  • I look for it.  I believe there is still good in this world and I actively seek new and different ways to be inspired by it. To date, I’ve “liked” over 750 Facebook pages, most of which are my greatest inspirational resources. Finding little nuggets of awe-inspiring awesomeness never gets old and only makes you want to find more and more. Hence, my addiction. 🙂    
  • I ask for it.  Simple, right? I believe it’s so simple that it’s often overlooked. When’s the last time you intentionally asked to be inspired? For most people, it’s not a conscious decision, but I believe that it should be. The law of attraction is always in play, so what you ask for is what you will get. Having a daily intention to stay open to encouraging, creative, elevating, motivating, illuminating, thought-provoking, ever-flowing inspiration makes you feel like you can do anything your heart desires. And guess what, you can.
  • I share it.  It’s fine and dandy to use inspiration for your greater good, but the most joy can be found in inspiring others. That’s one of the top reasons I blog. We’re all making our way in life and can use some goodness along our journeys. When you’re inspired, be an inspiration. It’s the simplest thing you can do to help change the world. 

Are you addicted to inspiration like I am? Do we need to start an I.A. (Inspiration Anonymous) group? What inspires you everyday? Talk to me, people!


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