Detroit Love: Our First Neighborhood Potluck

Taking a line out of one of my favorite posters, my family attended our first neighborhood potluck this evening. We’ve lived in our neighborhood for four years, but just recently heard about this monthly event and jumped at the chance to go. Since we made the decision to live more simply these types of opportunities seem to beautifully present themselves, allowing us to connect with our community in ways that we may not have able to before. We had the time and desire to meet new people, have colorful conversations about local happenings and even discuss a possible future play date with some of our kids.

This evening reminded me of what generations before me instinctively knew — when a community eats together, the connection is undeniable. Bonds are formed that benefit everyone involved. We begin thinking differently creating a ripple effect that can eventually change the world. I truly believe that this small action can do that. There is power in numbers and when a community stands together, anything is possible. Isn’t it time to get back to the business of building community? I think so. What do you think?


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