GBG is on Goodreads!

My friend recently sent me a request to join Goodreads that I flat out declined because I felt like I had enough social media-ness in my life. But, this morning something told me to join the site, and I’m glad I did. I’ve always wanted to create a running list of all of the books I’ve read and now I can! So far I’ve added some of the books I’ve read, some I want to read and ones that I’m currently reading. There are other areas of the site that I eventually want to venture into, but for now I’m keeping it simple.

One pretty sweet feature of Goodreads is that I can share my “Currently Reading” list on my blog — check it out on the bottom left of the page. I encourage you to share what’s on your nightstand too. I look forward to learning about some of your favorite authors and books.

P.S. — The friend that suggested Goodreads to me recently published her first novel! Learn more about the book, Broken Vessels, at shelliemsaunders.com.


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