Ask and It Is Given

This year I set an intention to consistently practice yoga and meditation. I even tried the Yoga Every Damn Day challenge back in January; alas, I just wasn’t ready. By the middle of May however, my life took a new direction and literally opened up to allow me to finally start my practice. I didn’t have to plan, manipulate or coerce it into fruition. I simply asked the universe/God/ Source/whatever you want to call It, to guide me where I should be and, almost immediately, the answer came to me. I mean that in the most literal sense. I received emails from two different sources inviting me to join a Zen meditation class and a yoga studio. Yeah, the ‘ask and it is given’ philosophy was in full effect.

So far, I’ve completed the Zen meditation class (which was AH-MAZING – look for a post on it soon) and have practiced both meditation and yoga fairly consistently. Before, I made excuses instead of making time to practice. By going inward, I realized that I was my problem, not my kids, work, etc. I was getting in my own way when it came to establishing a consistent practice. It was then that I knew that I had to take action on the opportunities that had arrived in my inbox.

I’ve even taken things a step further and decided to pursue something I’ve wanted to do for a while now —- becoming a certified children’s yoga teacher. I begin training in a little over a month and I cannot wait! Each of these experiences fill my heart with so much joy. I finally feel like I’ve connected with my purpose and all I needed to do was ask for guidance from something bigger than myself.

I’m not uniquely tapped into something everyone can’t tap into. We can all have our purpose and everyday life be one in the same. We just have to ask for what we want and do what brings us joy. Dance, sing, learn a new language, write a blog, make YouTube videos, create jewelry… do whatever makes your heart smile. You’ll find that those joyful experiences are part the foundation in which your new purpose-driven life will be built upon. Just remember to ask and, trust me, it will be given.


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