Longing for Less

We are minimalists at heart and decided that this is the year that we will unequivocally make our home mirror our hearts. Without being conscious of it, we’ve been working toward this lifestyle for some time. Organizing here, de-cluttering there, we’ve carved a pretty sweet notch in the belt of minimalistic living. But, we’re still not where we want to be. Personally, I’m ready to look around and see more space than stuff. Some would say that we’ve already arrived, but we know better. There’s a basement filled with things that we haven’t seen since we moved here. So, there is plenty more to be done and we’re ready to put in the work to make it happen.

Having a home full of simple necessities, plus a few beautiful, meaningful pieces, is our goal.  There’s a feeling of comfort, purpose, and welcoming energy that comes with loving what you own. We want to fully enjoy our home and that means we should spend more time creating memories than cleaning. No more spring cleaning or random de-cluttering sessions; only upkeep, please and thank you. Less possessions equals more money and less responsibility; who doesn’t want that?

I believe that longing for less creates the opportunity for gaining more. More unique experiences, more money, more time, and more of an understanding that  life can be enjoyed as is, no filler needed. We’re ready to see what that life feels like. Let the journey continue.


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