Lesson for Week 1: You Are Good Enough

My first week of the 31-Day Positive Parenting Challenge was a tough one, full of up’s, down’s and all types of scattered emotions. I felt like I was in a fog. I had enough information and support to hit the ground running, but I fizzled after the first couple of days, and found myself back where I started. I know, change takes time. The shift from passionate, emotional reactions to thoughtful, calm responses takes time. Hmph.

Just as I was giving myself grace to lean into this new way of thinking, this question made its way to the surface:

Why is it so difficult to be the mom that I want to be?

Then, without hesitation, my subconscious answered:

Because you think you’re not good enough. You think that you are supposed to be Super Mom, who can do it all without losing it. You believe that the best mothers are the ones who are always calm, cool and in control. You have to let go of what you think you should be and take pride in what you already are. You are a mother who adores her children. You are on a journey that most will not even consider, let alone act upon for all to see. You are a work in progress, who isn’t afraid to try to be better for your children. And guess what else?

You are good enough. Right now, in this very moment.

As I wiped away the tears, I softened a little bit. I let the realization wash over me. I even repeated those 2 powerful sentences aloud. I am good enough. Right now, in this very moment. I am good enough. Right now, in this very moment. I am good enough. Right now, in this very moment. 

As I go into the second week of the challenge, I feel like I’m standing on more solid ground. I’m going to take my new “good enough” mantra and fake ’til I make it! Eventually I know that it will stick and become my new normal. Week 2: I’m ready for ya. 🙂


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