Thoughts on July’s Positive Parenting Challenge + What’s Next

With July’s 31-Day Positive Parenting Challenge winding down, I’ve been reflecting on all of the things that I’ve learned over the last 3 weeks. I feel as if I’ve been in negative parenting detox because I’ve had to take a hard look at all of the things that I don’t like about my parenting style, where they came from and why I thought they worked. Man, that sucked. While I can’t say I’m “cured,” I can say that I’m very much aware of my actions in regards to my children and am actively trying to be better. Like Maya Angelou says, “When you know better, you do better.”

So, what’s next?

Another challenge, that’s what. Why, you ask? Well, because I’ve realized something. Clean and organized kitchen counters make me happy. When I’m happy, it’s difficult to be upset. So, I figured I’d keep going with July’s challenge, and add two other things that will set me up for epic success.

Here’s my challenge to myself (and to you, too) that will run the entire month, beginning Thursday, August 1st:

  1. Continue with the Positive Parenting challenge from July.
  2. Add on: Keep my kitchen counters clean and organized. It may sound crazy, but this has been one of the things that has really helped me the last few days to keep calm and gently parent on. Less triggers, means less stress, which means a happier mama.
  3. Add on: Take the last 5 minutes before I go to sleep at night to (re)program my unconscious mind with positive parenting thoughts. I stole this from Wayne Dyer’s book, Wishes Fulfilled. He spoke about how habits are behaviors directly from the unconscious mind, which is why we can do them without much effort. Each night I am going to tell myself things like “I am patient, I am kind, and I am a nurturing, loving mother, and so on, to align both my conscious and unconscious minds to work in unison to help these changes comes to fruition.

I’m looking forward to finishing July’s challenge stronger than I started, making way for an even stronger August. Are you coming with me? If so, make sure you show that you’re down by liking this post, commenting that you’re in and sharing it with whomever you think would want to be part of the positive parenting movement. And, don’t forget that you can always join us on the Facebook group here.


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