No Pictures Please

Recently, my 5 year old sun saw me posting a picture of him on my personal Facebook page. He was not happy (to say the least) and told me not to “post” him on Facebook. At first, I was shocked and a little embarrassed at my oversight because I realized that I had not considered his feelings when posting his pictures and details of his life for the world to see. But, what he doesn’t know is how much his antics and smile bring joy to others. And that having an easy way for his extended family and many of Mommy’s friends to see him grow up is worth my “posting him” on Facebook. I explained all this and more, and was flat turned down. Dang.

When did this happen? He used to love seeing pictures of himself online. I guess the pivotal transition from turning 5 to 6 just changes a guy. While that doesn’t bode well for a social media lovin’ mama, especially one with a blog — HELLO! — I must respect his wishes. I can’t ignore his request and then go on to rant about the major issue of childism that we’ve historically used to disrespect children for so long — more to come on that in the very near future. So, until I get the go ahead, I won’t be posting pictures of my young man online. And, I’ll refrain from posting too many details about his life; it’s going to so hard! But, I must practice what I preach and show my guy that I’m of my word. I secretly hope he changes his mind, though, because I may quickly run out of cool and funny stuff to post.

Has your child, spouse, etc. ever asked that you not post them online? How did you handle it? Share in the comments below.



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