3 Ways To Practice Joy in 2014

Happy (almost) 2014! 2013 was an awesome year and 2014 promises to be even better. I usually make very specific (slightly boring) goals for each year, but 2014 is different. Much different. The past year I’ve felt like I was in a spiritual cocoon, and now this butterfly is ready to spread her winds and fly. It’s time for action, peeps. There are so many things that I talk about doing, but life always gets in the way. At least, that’s my excuse. 2014 is when I quit all of the talking and get to walking. 

So, I’m declaring 2014 the year of joy — pure, adulterated, unapologetic joy. And, we deserve it every day. Don’t you agree?

To ensure I live my joy everyday, I will begin three joy-filled daily practices starting tomorrow, January 1st:

  • Write daily. (I’m dubbing it, #BlogEveryDamnDay. Oh, yes.)
  • Practice yoga daily. (Yoga instructor, Rachel Brathen dubbed it, #YogaEveryDamnDay. I can dig it.)
  • Expect miracles daily. (I’m practicing this through Marianne Williamson’s book, A Year of Miracles. You can order the Kindle edition here: A Year of Miracles {affiliate link})

I’m so excited to get going that I could scream. Truthfully, I did let out an audible squeal. Are you ready to join me? Let me know that you’re down in the comments below. Joy, everyday, here we come!

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