New Morning Routine Starts Today!

Welcome to 2014, everyone!

I hope your first day of the year began with happiness and renewed energy. I started my day with my oldest sun, B, waking me up and whispering to me that he made his bed on his own. We exchanged thumbs up, and he went downstairs to watch some TV. This may seem like a normal occurence, but for us this is the first day in a long time that has started with a peaceful vibe. I attribute this shift to a conversation we had yesterday that established what each of our new morning routines would be. He loves to know what’s expected of him so that he can do it without my nagging having to remind him. One of his responsibilites is to make his own bed, so coming in to tell me that he did it all by himself made him (and me) smile. He’s almost six years old and wants to be treated like a mini-adult, and I oblige as much as possible. These kids just grow up overnight don’t they?

In following my goals for the year, I did this morning yoga sequence 

and read day one of A Year of Miracles. Have you gotten your copy yet? You can download it instantly through the free Kindle app. Do it! Trust me.

Get the Kindle version today! {affiliate link}

Oh, and I’m writing my first blog of my #BlogEveryDamnDay goal. Are you joining me on that adventure? If so, leave me a comment with your blog and I’ll follow along.

I have to say that 2014 is starting off just as I planned. I don’t know what it is that makes me feel like these goals are for life. I guess there’s been a shift inside of me that is ready for long-term change. I humbly welcome them.

Now I’m off to have some tea, eat some breakfast and spend time with my family. Sending you love and light, my loves.

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