Why You Don’t Know Your Life’s Purpose (& How To Find It)

I believe that we all share the same purpose: to recognize, cultivate and share our unique gifts with the world. However I’ve come to realize that many of us don’t share this realization. Most people are so busy focusing on the wrong things that we don’t take the time to learn, nurture and give freely of our gifts, which make us feel further from purpose. It’s a vicious cycle that comes from a place of lack. We say, “I’m not good at this…” or “I wish I could do that…”. We compare ourselves to others and focus on what we perceive is not working, available, affordable, and the list goes on. When we come from a lack perspective, the law of attraction and ego ensures we remain in that space. Remember, what gets your attention will manifest. In order to have a purpose-filled life, we must first have a purpose-filled perspective. And, that only comes from a place of love.

So, how do you shift your thinking from lack to love and purpose-filled? Here are three ways to do it:

Know your gifts. Each of us is born with gifts that are uniquely ours. The world has never and will never again have the pleasure of receiving what we have to offer. It’s our job to recognize and nurture our gifts. There are many ways to recognize our gifts. We can ask a trusted person what they believe your best characteristics are. Often, others see things that you may not have recognized. Don’t write them off. Sit with their thoughts and see what comes of it. Also, try writing down the things that you’re good at. Do whatever you need to do to realize that you have special abilities that are manifestations of purpose.

Listen to the whispers. I first heard Oprah say this, and it immediately became a habit. Love whispers to us ways to live out our purpose all the time. We just have to sit still and be quiet long enough to listen. Our souls speak to us in every moment. It tells us what we should be doing when we experience excitement and joy; those feelings are the language of purpose.

Limit distractions. I believe distractions are probably the biggest reasons most of us aren’t living our purpose. There are a myriad of things we do instead of  nurturing our gifts. Why? Our gifts are not only for the world, but they are what brings us closest to heaven on Earth. Think about how it feels to do what you love. It’s an awesome feeling, isn’t it? Why not be in that space of infinite love more often? Choose love over distraction.

Every single day we can wake up to a love-focused, purpose-filled life. Let’s do what it takes to get there.

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5 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Know Your Life’s Purpose (& How To Find It)”

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am currently trying to find my true life’s calling. I admire you and really enjoy reading your posts. I too have a love for writing and would like to start a blog this year. Last year, I reached out and joined a local writing group however I allowed negative self talk and life in general to discourage me. I know that it is meant for me to pursue my dream of writing. I have resolved to take the step s necessary to get my work out to the public. Thanks again for your inspiration. Keep up the good work


    1. Hi, Krystal! Thanks for reading my blog and for the compliment and words of encouragement! It’s always good to hear from a reader because sometimes it can feel like I’m talking to myself. 🙂

      You know what’s funny? I recently became comfortable calling myself a writer. I sort of fell into it and have felt compelled to do it ever since. I guess I just needed to tell my story, and I encourage you to do the same. I look forward to reading your work. Make sure to let me know when it’s up. And don’t worry about having everything perfect. Just start, my friend.


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