Share The Happy

Last week, I wrote a post describing three ways to become happier everyday, and within it I mentioned a new app and website called, Happier. Happier is a social gratitude journal, combined with a positive community, that lets you capture and share your happy moments with others who are also all about sharing the happy.

There’s really something to this concept. The more I participate in the community, the more “in the now” I feel, which truly makes me happy. Also, being able to keep track of my happy moments finally allows me to have that ever elusive gratitude journal. That’s HUGE for me. I’ve always longed to have a journal full of my thankful moments so I could go back and reflect upon, and now I do! The other aspect of Happier that I appreciate is the collective energy within the online community. It’s a world of only happy thoughts that are born of love, positive intention and made to make everyone feel good. Where else can you do that? Please share if you know! I’d love to check it out.

If you’re like me and crave the feeling of being in a community of likeminded people who are doing the little things to be more joyful everyday, please consider joining Happier. I have a sneaky suspicion that you’ll get and want to share the happy, too.

Cami at GBG on Happier

P.S. — I almost forgot. Each time you post on Happier confetti falls. It’s like a party given in your honor every time. I love that! LOL

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