What No One Told You About Becoming A Mom

Before I became a mom I heard (and read) many women’s perspectives on motherhood. I had to take most of these perspectives with a grain of salt because, well, they were largely negative and not very helpful. I’m sure you don’t need examples of the horror stories I’ve been privy to, as you’ve probably heard your own. For all the sharing mamas do, there’s one thing that no one ever tells you, and that is this:

Becoming a mother is 100% about your growth and not your childs.

The role of mother is just another avenue for you to become your best self. It’s another opportunity to nurture and use your gifts, strengths and talents in ways that you’ve never done so before. Motherhood is about allowing your children to be a mirror that reflects your beautiful, and not so beautiful, qualities. When you show your children who you are, flaws and all, you plant the seeds needed for their own becoming, which, in turn, is significant to you becoming. Children learn more from what we do and who we are than what we say anyway. So, to be yourself is the best lesson to impress upon them.

Personally, I have never been stretched in such positive and challenging ways. I have truly come into my own, and it’s largely because of my children. Interacting with children will quickly show you opportunities for growth, won’t they? The areas that need a bit of cultivation shine brightly in certain moments with kids. That’s a good thing!  Though it may be difficult to constantly feel like you’re not doing or being enough, the beauty of it is, not only do you have children who will love you unconditionally, but you can offer yourself the same grace and love.  

So, the next time you have the chance to tell another person your story of becoming a mom, tell them about the growth you’ve experienced because of this role. If more of us can share this different perspective, this world of ours just might change.

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