Motivational Tidbits For This Week | 1-16-14

As an admitted inspiration junkie, I crave new and exciting sources of motivation.  Here are a few things that super-charged my motivational batteries this week:

Manko Fit  I found this lovely lady on Instagram and, baby, she makes me want to stay in the gym! First, I’m going to go and sign up, then I’m going to stay there. Hehe. This girl’s got spunk and knows what to do to get and stay fit.

Danielle La Porte If you’re not up on Miss Danielle, you need to be. She just dropped a new book called The Desire Map, and I tell you, it looks badass.

I wrote this little diddy on my personal Facebook page, and I’m going to keep it where I can see it at all times. You should do the same.

Instatus 16-01-2014 23_54

Starting this week, I’m going to share what motivated me over the week, so be sure to subscribe to not miss it. Feel free to send me what motivated you, as well!

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