We are Dr. King

As I reflect upon the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., there is one main thought that comes to mind: He was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things. He was very clear and intentional in his purpose, and lived everyday in that light. His life is an example of what we all can strive for, but first we must realize that we are capable of doing extraordinary things, regardless of our current circumstances.

Like Dr. King, we are all leaders, however we must acknowledge, accept and act upon this birthright. I believe that’s what Dr. King wanted to infuse into his generation and beyond. Each and every one of us has to step into our own power. Only then will things change, manifesting truth and justice for the greater good. And, when we do this, we are all drinking from the same well of wisdom that Dr. King drank from; there is no separation. We are all Dr. King. We all have greatness, just under the surface, that when recognized and given a clear focus, can deliver extraordinary results. We don’t need to wait to another Dr. King; we’ve had the power all along.

Isn’t it time to unearth the power that’s inside of each of us and focus it on the greater good? Isn’t it time to honor Dr. King’s legacy by doing exactly what he did — living out his purpose everyday of his life? I believe so, and the time is now.

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