Motivational Tidbits For This Week | 1-23-14

It’s Thursday, so I’m sharing the awesome stuff that motivated me this week. Check it!

♥ This quote right here:

“Pain pushes. Vision pulls.” Michael Bernard Beckwith

I let out an audible YES! when I heard him say this. So often we hear people saying how hard or painful a process is. In reality, they feel this way because they’re not pursuing their life vision. When you’re on the right path, you know it, and feel compelled to continue on, regardless of what may come your way. When you’re pulled by vision you feel challenged, inspired and at home, instead of feeling like you’re fighting or having to push your way to success. Makes sense, right?

♥ How to get students to believe in themselves  This is a great example of how we all need to stay in a place of openness, in order to think outside of the box. It’s written for a classroom setting, but has a universal lesson that you won’t forget.

♥ Today, I realized two things: (1) There are rarely original thoughts stated these days. (2) The reason the same thoughts can be recycled over and over is because each person’s awareness of how the information impacts them varies. Everyone has to reach a certain level of awareness in order for lessons to take hold. This realization prompted me to create the pic below. Awareness is definitely that game changer. This I know for sure!


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