Organizing Your Phone Apps: A Tip You Haven’t Tried

photoI used to have an ongoing love affair with organizing and reorganizing my phone apps. Yes, I’m serious.  That is, until today. While switching between a few different folders to use different apps, I had a moment of clarity that gave way to this idea: Why not move all of the apps I frequently use (more than 5 times per day) into the same folder? Duh, right? OK, I admit this isn’t rocket science, but I’m telling you, it’s something that most people don’t do. Heck, I didn’t until today. However once I did, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t before.

I’ll admit, doing this may seem insignificant and unnecessary, but think about how much time you spend constantly scrolling, searching and locating the same apps over and over and over again. Making the switch to storing apps by occasion rather than by category removes the mental step of remembering where the app is. I know I’m not the only one who needs to have less to remember on a daily basis. Also, you’ve see that each time you come out of an app you’ll most likely be right at the screen to go to another app you need. Creating a Most Used Apps folder, or whatever you’d like to call it, is just a no brainer.

When I was a professional organizer, which seems like a lifetime ago, I studied this type of thing. I’ve read tons of organizing blogs and articles, but none have ever mentioned this simple idea. Maybe it’s so simple that it was not even considered. Until now. 🙂 Try it and let me know how much you love it.

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