Come and Dream With Me, Will You?

We live in a historic home in Detroit that’s almost 100 years old. Over the past five years, we’ve had a lot of work done to get it livable, then comfortable and safe for our boys. Now that we’ve taken care of all of the not-so-fun stuff (e.g., replaced the roof, new gutters, tuckpointing brick work, etc.),  we’re finally ready to start planning the complete overhaul of our home. We’re still a couple of years from totally renovating the place, but I’ve started gathering ideas to inspire me to design a home we can love for years to come.

Generally, my taste leans more towards the comfy-cozy, traditional side. Natural colors and elements, mixed with bold statements here-and-there is where its at for me. I’m going to put together a physical vision board (shoot, maybe even a whole wall!) to piece together the home of our dreams. This next step is so big for us — I can’t wait! Pictures are in the future. Promise.

P.S.— We’ll be paying cash for the entire renovation, hence the future completion date. This dream will not turn into a debt-induced nightmare. Oh noooo. BTW, I’ve included some of the ideas that I like below. You can check out more of my home decor likes on my Pinterest board here.

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image_6 image_5 image_4 image_3 image_2 image_1


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